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Jibhi is a small village in Great Himalayan National Park that resides next to Pushpbhadra River sub tributary of the Tirthan River located at an altitude of 1600 meters (5250 Ft). It is also considered a mini hamlet for its lush green beauty and deodar, pine forest. It is famous for mini hikes, waterfall, and meadows.

No Society Cafe and Homestay, Jibhi is situated at an elevation of 2222 meters (7290 Ft) located 4 km away from the main village apart from the hustle towards Jalori Pass.

you can reach Jibhi Via bus/ car/ bike/ train/ flight below this is the complete article how to rach Jibhi 


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Yes. You can take any public transport up till Aut and then from Aut to Jibhi


No Society Stays is located in-between Jibhi and Shoja. It's 4km from Jibhi and 3km before Shoja.

No Society Stays Jibhi is 4km from Jibhi.

Yes, we have an in-house Cafe.

We serve Veg, Non-Veg, Jain

  1. Trekking Shoes
  2. Torch
  3. First aid kit
  4. Warm clothes
  5. Backpack

  • Trolly Bags
  • Heels
  • Single-use plastic

  • Cafe
  • Self-Laundry
  • Common Space
  • Library 
  • Gym
  • River Side
  • Vegetable farms
  • 24*7 Hot water
  • Power backup
  • Wi-fi
  • Workstation

We get Airtel 4G, Jio 4G networks

- Vodafone VI doesn't have connectivity here 



This beautiful Homestay is in Jibhi, Banjar Town, and Himachal Pradesh. It’s located in the middle of an apple orchard and all you see are snow-clad mountains around it. And the river flowing through the property makes the place more accentuated. Jalori Pass is also in the vicinity which adds some extra points to the place. The rooms are quite comfortable with wooden flooring.

If you’re traveling to the mountains you always need to carry warm clothes. The weather is always cold at night in comparison to the day. It is advisable to carry a pair of extra clothes.

  • Riverwalk next to No Society Cafe
  • Swim in the natural pool
  • Jalori Pass
  • Raghupur fort 
  • Saryolsar lake
  • Chaini Fort
  • Jibhi Waterfall
  • Choi waterfall
  • Gushaini village
  • Mini Thailand 
  • Shringa Rishi temple

The distance between Jibhi Shangarh 58 kms ( approximately 2.5 hours drive)

No, You have to do a mini-hike of 200 meters to reach this property

No Society Stays Shangarh

Shangarh is a small village in the sainj valley which is in the Great Himalayan National Park. To reach sainj valley take the road towards larji just before the aut tunnel. To know more follow the link ( https://www.nosocietystays.com/blog/8-things-one-must-do-in-shangarh )

  • You can reach Shnagarh via Public transport, self drive or cab.
  • To reach Shangarh you can travel via road or air.
  • The nearest airport is Bhuntar airport located 53 kms from Shangarh from there you can get a cab to Shangarh.
  • To travel via road follow the Chandigarh- Manali highway just before Aut tunnel take the road to larji- sainj-shangarh.
  • Here is the detailed link you can follow to reach Shangarh - nosocietystays.com/blog/how-to-reach-shangarh

To reach shangarh meadows follow the sainj-shangarh road, just about 2 kms before the shangarh 0 (Zero) point there is a wooden gate and a walk of around 30 meters will lead you to the breath taking view of the meadows.

From No Society Shangarh meadow is 7-10 minutes walk, if you have your own vehicle then it is 10 minutes drive

The weather majorly is pleasant in Shangarh.Shangarh experiences a temperature range of 25°C to -2°C that varies from season to season. In summers its hovers around 23°C and in the winters it does gets frosy.

Yes, Shangarh experiences snowfall during the months of December, January, February. The depth varies according to the month ranging from half a feet during Christmas to 2fts during peak winters.

No, the last Wine shop is Ropa 10 km before Shangarh. Just to add Shanghar is a religious place for local villages so try to respect the aura of the place. Avoid open drink and in the stays also try not to create disturbance for other occupants.

Shangarh is one of the most beautiful place in core of GNHP (Great Himalayan National Park), one can visit here to relax, explore and enjoy the hidden wonders of nature. To know more open the following link (https://www.nosocietystays.com/blog/8-things-one-must-do-in-shangarh)


The distance between Jibhi Shangarh 58 kms ( approximately 2.5 hours drive)

Make sure you are dressing up like an onion, layring up to avoid the penetration of cold breeze. The weather normally gets chilly during the nights so pack accordingly.

A few mandatory items are socks (a lot of them), a warm woolen cap, gloves, a woolen or ployster jacket, snow boots with a good grip to walk without slipping.

Kasol is 82.6 Km away from shangarh, it takes around 2:30Hrs to reach Shangarh from Kasol

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