About Us

No Society Stays is a community-based initiative that aims for the creative opportunity in natural environments that ensures helping inhabitants in making their alternate livelihood in a sustainable way; by actively encouraging travelers world over to explore the wonders of Himalayan natural heritage both floral and faunal, providing them essential existential needs and unveiling the multi-colored and rich Himalayan culture to the world; enhancing the perceptions of the vastness of the wilderness interwoven with the life of its inhabitants.

We emphasize sustainable management of natural resources providing villagers with economic incentives to conserve the environment.

No Society Stays team up with various communities across Rural Himalayan regions in India working collaboratively, serving guests across the globe providing them natural rehabilitation surroundings.

Experience No Society Stays at on of our locations:

The village of Sojha, Great Himalayan National Park, Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh State, India.

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