The Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) is a national park in India, located in Kullu region in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The park was established in 1984 and is spread over an area of 1171 km2; altitudes within the park range between 1500 and 6000 m. seasonal vegetation different species of animals, hidden natural treasures, mesmerising treks undisturbed by humans .
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  No Anxiety, No Society

Don’t you feel stuck in this mundane routine? this tiring cycle makes us feel unsatisfied even while doing things we like. Wake up everyday seeking satisfaction but receiving only mental stress and a very tired body

These vicious self-consuming cycles end up making a person want to run away to a space where they are not being rushed and judged we at NO SOCIETY believe in giving you a space where no one intrudes and nobody judges.

That being said our staff not only gives you personal space to work but also if you like socializing, we’ll bring up someone chatty right away.

Our vision is to create a bubble for you so that you don’t have to compromise your comfort zone and have all the fun!

What do we understand by anxiety? what causes it? What can release?

The entire affair is based on these three questions,

anxiety is our body’s natural response to stress and tension, and basically, it’s your body telling you it needs a break. Our lives are pretty complicated and stressful and NO SOCIETY is specifically designed to help you create an environment that pushes you to connect with yourself and find the peace you seek.

Our HOMESTAY is located in such an area which receives natural light all day and mellow and colorful lighting at night, the reason being you tend to feel anxious and lethargic when in dark and gloomy surroundings, so our homestays take good care of keeping you away from stress.

All your tired body and mind need is stress release and nature is considered the best stress reliever. In NO SOCIETY HOMESTAYS, you will feel closer to nature and your true self.

Most of the visitors visit GHNP just so they can experience nature and stay away from the hustle of city life. NO SOCIETY HOMESTAYS lets you experience nature while you are as comfortable as if it is home.

What a rush it would be to bath under a waterfall and see nature at its full force, the magic of refreshing nature mesmerizes you. nothing more calming than being able to sleep to the sound of a running river, a sleep so sound you’ll forget all the worries.


This is what a person looks for in a break and as we say “you want it, we will provide it”.


Jibhi a less visited beauty of Kullu, roads twisted and curved going higher and higher as if they take us to the clouds, most fresh air one could breathe, scent of pine, most delightful sunsets one could see; well that’s how I would describe to you Jibhi the secluded lakes, small treks, snacking points gives you perks of both being closer to our environment as well as to soothe your cravings for spicy Maggie.

NO SOCIETY as the name suggests is located where the crowded society ceases to exist, it is only you, the sound and smell of nature, and the taste of Himachal.

One can see the forgotten Himachali kath-kunni architecture

These little wooden cottages with a running river beside them make it a memorable stay.

The local dhabas and cafes all around show that westernization grows well with desi tadka.

If you are planning on discovering your own Shanti spot there is a beautiful valley to explore and make it your own!


If you need a more planned out and guided description check this link out Things to do around shangarh

     And also check Places to visit around Jibhi


   The Great Himalayan National Park is home to more than 375 faunal species. The GHNP also supports a great diversity of plant life, thanks to its wide altitude range and relatively undisturbed habitats. The state government of Himachal Pradesh has banned hunting in the state for more than ten years. A trek of 35 to 45 km in any of the park's valleys brings one into the high-altitude habitat (3,500 m and above) of animals such as blue sheepsnow leopardHimalayan brown bearHimalayan tahr, and musk deerthe lofty pines and spruces and the great, spreading horse chestnuts of the lower valleys, to the dense cushions and prostrate branches of the alpine herbs and junipers, the park presents an endless variety of vegetation. The temperate forest flora-fauna of GHNP represents the westernmost extension of the Sino-Japanese Region. The high-altitude ecosystem of the Northwest Himalayas has common plant elements with the adjacent Western and Central Asiatic regions.[Wikipedia]  


·      Don’t hate, meditate:

The path to peace is led by spirituality and meditation, it is an experience that takes you to the depths of who you are. you as your real self, stripped of all the perception you had about yourself. The cold breeze perfectly pairs with a garama garam chai .

The wilderness helps one relax his soul and body, thoughts become aligned, happy hormones release and you get natural anti-depressant and muscle relaxant and also some time away from toxicity.

 Waking up to sun rays and the sound of the river with a hot beverage and then meditating as you like, by quietly watching the clouds pass, going for a refreshing walk, or doing yoga or workouts while the sun is up leading to a healthy home cooked breakfast. No society has the perfect balance of chilling space and an introvert-friendly zone.

So if you are stuck calculating the pros and cons of this visit that may be a sign you really need this.

Meditation promotes rejuvenation and rehabilitation which simply mean restoring one’s self prior to all the stress and tension. we try to reverse the damage done by all the stressful routines and unhealthy eating habit.

 No society homestay is a paradise for introverts, don’t want

Undesired small talks, just tell us what you will have  and you will not

Be bothered again. You, the view, the sound of nature, and nothing

Makes you feel and experience what a miraculously strong force

nature is.

Why GNHP and why with NO SOCIETY?

The feeling of wild nature and no rush to be anywhere,

to do something, just chilling and enjoying the freeness in our little

treehouse closer to the divinity, having a spiritual experience,

that sigh of relief when you first get here, last look trying to soak it

all in, having a glimpse of every single thing to make it last long even

though you don’t want this journey to end and reliving those

moments you captured when you get back to that stressful routine

just to get reminded of the amazing time you spent here, the warmth

with which we welcomed and hosted you.

we believe in being the family you come to when you want to get


away from yours.







There is a lot to explore around GHNP, and no society is committed to providing you with the best hospitality and professional guidance. It is not only a delightful view to the eyes but also a journey towards meditation and finding your true self.

At no society, we do our best to make your stay longer and better. Providing you with facilities like wifi near the river tree house, all-time running water, and most importantly a great vibe.











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