Why Lock down is good?
Published on 17.01.2022 09:50 PM

In these self-isolation times, many people feel lonely and experience that they have lost control of their life. Being locked out from life, ordinary habits go missing and without replacement, people feel lost. The good news is that the social distance is a freeway call for people who belongs to no society that will empower them for the next level up amidst the natural environment. When external control disappears, and no one else is designing the daily schedule, it becomes evident that people lost their control way before the pandemic. They just didn't see. They were so used to others' control and thought it was "normal" to adapt their life to rules given by others.

The delusion — of having had control before the outbreak — can recklessly hit hard on people with resistance to the inevitable change we are facing.  However, those who hit the exit to the freeway of change will become so busy that they forget to feel lonely. Imagine what will happen when an essential number of people take charge of themselves because the price tag to pleasing others is too high. A side effect of social distance is that more people will stay away from the chaos of fear, greed, and suffering. A new condition of life satisfaction will arise. Established norms will change into a greater acceptance of individualists who follow their own rules for living. 

In control of our lives, we don't belong to anyone. No person, organization, society, or country can limit us. We are the freedom.

Are you ready to be in control of yourself and live from your personal power?

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ISOLATION ... Don't see it as a Negative


Whether under enforced quarantine, on lockdown, or self quarantined; this may well be the only time you have where you are forced to just STOP!!.. from a busy hectic schedule, where for once you are not running and competing in a rat race solely focused on materialistic gains and pleasures. Maybe now you are fearful of getting sick, or fearful of death, in ways you have never perceived before. 

How about taking this time to contemplate Who I am.. ? Why I am here.. ? Is there more to life than this..? 


In truth,  you may never get such an opportunity again, to reflect inwards, to take time to focus on your place in the big scheme of things. So, I say to you, take some time for Meditation. Reflect and contemplate by first quietening your noisy mind; allowing you for the first time in maybe a very long time, to focus with exquisite clarity, and grow your inner Self.

.No-Society' ; 

Believing in love is the most healing force in the world and meditation is the way to develop our natural healing ability. 

It's a habitat of numerous flora and fauna &

a number of waterfalls and river streams in the vicinity where you can go hiking early in a pure oxygen-enriched atmosphere, stretch out your body, then sit among huge deodar trees and breathe. 

Here It is beautiful to be alone. To be alone doesn't mean I am lonely. It means here the mind is not influenced or contaminated by society. 


There's a beauty in the abdication

Not materialistic possession

Mother Earth heals

Not enforced medication

Let's satisfy our souls 

Not society.

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