Tree house stay in Jibhi
Tree house is in trends now a days, and everyone want to experience their childhood dream to stay at tree house. We tried to explain about tree house, what is it like to stay in tree house
Published on 04.04.2022 08:56 PM

What is a treehouse?

A treehouse is a cabin structure constructed on the branches of trees passing through the cabin. It is generally made to imitate the house-like structure or mini-cabin on live trees. We have made a tiny room with an attic where four-person can stay.

What is it like to stay in a treehouse?

It is more of an experiential stay where you get a chance to live with an alive tree inside your room, and somehow co-exist with the ecosystem of the tree. You can see the changes on the tree as the season changes its phase, you can observe changes in the colors of leaves from winter to summer, and from summer to autumn the fall.

What kind of tree is used to build a treehouse?

Generally, people chose a robust tree in order to make a treehouse so it can handle the weight of the person staying on it as well as the structure. We used Oaktree for our treehouse.


Is it next to the road?

No, our treehouse is next to the road. You have to walk 250 meters to reach our treehouse.

We wanted to create a space for you where you will get a chance to live next to nature away from the busy roads or honking cars. Where you can listen to the melody of the river inside your treehouse next to the sound of leaves.

Do your treehouse has an attached washroom?

Yes, the treehouse has an attached washroom.


What are the amenities in your treehouse?

1) Attached washroom

2) Private Balcony

3) Gyser

4) Room Heater

5) Electric kettle

6) Attic

7) Wi-Fi

How far is the river from your treehouse?

It is on 100 meters walking distance.

Where is your treehouse?

Our tree house is in between Jibhi and Sojha. It is 3km away from Sojha and 4km away from jibhi towards jalori pass

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