How to reach Jibhi and No Society Cafe and Homestay Jibhi
Reach Jibhi with ease by following our guide
Published on 14.06.2021 10:13 PM

About Jibhi

Jibhi is a small village in Great Himalayan National Park that resides next to Pushpbhadra River sub tributary of the Tirthan River located at an altitude of 1600 meters (5250 Ft). It is also considered a mini hamlet for its lush green beauty and deodar, pine forest. It is famous for mini hikes, waterfall, and meadows.

No Society Cafe and Homestay, Jibhi is situated at an elevation of 2222 meters (7290 Ft) located 4 km away from the main village apart from the hustle towards Jalori Pass.

Nearest Railways Station from Jibhi- Chandigarh Railway station 274 km away from Jibhi

Nearest Airport From Jibhi – Bhunter (Though we suggest Chandigarh Airport as it is frequent and there is a big price difference) which is 57 Km away from Jibhi

How to reach Jibhi by Bus?

How to reach Jibhi via Cab from Aut?

How to Reach Jibhi from own vehicle (Cab/bike)

Via Bilaspur

Via Shimla 

How to reach Jibhi from Manali?

Jibhi is 103.1 Km away from Manali takes around 2 to 3 hours to reach. you can visit Jibhi from Manali either via public transportation or cab/bike or self-driven cars. You have to 305 till Aut via Kullu and Bhunter and from Aut follow the path till Banjar.

How to reach Jibhi from Kasol?

Jibhi is 80.3 Km away from Kasol it takes around 2-3 Hr from kasol to reach Jibhi. One can reach Jibhi Via road following Path from Kasol to Jari, Bhunter and Aut


How to reach Jibhi via helicopter –


  Distance (Km) Time 
Delhi - Aut 465 10-11 Hr
Aut - Jibhi 34 1-2 Hr
Jibhi - No Society 4 10-15 Min
No Society - Jalori Pass 7 30 - 45 Min
Bhuntar - Jibhi 53 2 Hr
Chandigarh - Jibhi 261 7-8 Hr
Shimla - Jibhi 151 5 Hr
Manali - Jibhi 103.1 2-3 Hr
Kasol - Jibhi 80.3 2-3 Hr

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