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Jibhi a small  Hidden picturesque Hamlet of Tirthan Valley ?

A place that can definitely be counted as one of the best off-beat locations of Himachal Pradesh. Surrounded by the deodar forests and a river flowing just next to the hamlet makes it even more picturesque. The whole valley is known for its varieties of flora and fauna, not just this but the Himalayan Trout Fish is something which you are gonna find here in abundance. If you are looking out for some quality time with your family or your friends and just want to get away from the hustle of city life then this definitely is the place for you.

Here are things one must know while planning a visit to Jibhi :


Jibhi is located 53 km away from the nearest airport Bhuntar and can be reached via your own vehicle/Bus or bike.

Dow below is the link to a reference article on how to land your feet in Jibhi without any hustle - How to reach Jibhi

The list of things that you can do in and around Jibhi is full of fun and adventures 


Trekking in the wild :

If you are just a beginner then Jibhi is the perfect place to start with. There are many short hikes and treks with which you can test your skills and endurance.


Major treks / Hikes around Jibhi

Saryolsar Lake Trek -

It is a 5 km hike to one side which starts from the very famous Jalori Pass. The lake is situated at an altitude of 3200 meters (approx) and is considered a Holy place by the locals. According to a myth, it is the womb of goddess Budhi Nagin the mother of all Naga deities. Who still resides in a ‘Golden Palace’ below the lake. Locals worship this lake by poring Ghee around the lake as a symbol of gratitude to Bhudi Nagin for full filling their wishes and when blessed by a newborn baby.

Ways to reach the Holy lake 

    1. Generic trek - The whole trail is marked and you will find camps and shops which will also provide you the stay and food on your way. Not just this few benches have been placed on the trail by the forest department for simple leisure in the forest.

    2. 360 View Point - For this, you have to take a left and hike upwards where after a little while you will enter into a beautiful huge meadow and in between the meadow there is a Small  Temple also from where you will on a clear day get to see the beautiful snow-capped Himalayan ranges of the Dhauladhars and The Pir Panjals along with the Shivalik ranges. This point is generally known as "Ye Jawani hai Diwani shooting point" as a scene of the movie was shot here If you are tired you can also make a mini stop here while enjoying the view for a little while more. From here you have to keep walking towards The Budhi Nagin temple which is just on the left side of the lake from this point, (remember to take a right. and walk downwards). After a little walk from the oak forest, you will reach the midpoint which will meet the generic path. From there the lake is almost a walk of merely 30 minutes.

Serolsar Lake, Kullu - Lake timings, entry fees, nearby places & things to  do

Total distance from Jalori Pass to Serolsar Lake - 5km

Time: 5-6 Hours

Trek Difficulty - Easy to moderate 

Special Recommendation:

* Must try siddu  (Himachali local cuisine) at Rockstar Dhaba or Rajmah Rice cooked at the Oakwood.

* Make sure to carry enough water with you as shops are a little distance from each other.

* If you are planning to trek during the winter make sure to plan it during the day as it gets very cold after the sunset.

* Make sure you carry a windcheater, and jacket in any season of the year because Jalori is a pass and it will be cold throughout the year.

* Wear a good pair of shoes with a fine grip and waterproof ones because you will need them in the rainy season and even in winter when it will be snow.

* Do not litter, take a bath or swim in the lake as it’s a holy lake and you need to pay respect to maintain the sanctity of the place.

* Do not enter the lake's boundary with shoes on as it’s a temple next to it. 

 River crossing and Rappelling:

This one is for the people who are looking out for some adrenaline rush and want to do something out of the box, a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the roaring Thirtan river. 

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Trout fishing and Angling :

So in this beautiful valley, you are going to find trout fishes as they survive in the cold running water .and this place gives the perfect climatic conditions for their survival. The fishing permit per rod, per day, is nearly 100 rupees and with this, you have to follow a few do’s and don’t’s while enjoying your activity.

You can find all of those in the link mentioned below of the department of fisheries Himachal Pradesh: Link

Apart from it enjoy your fishing to the fullest on the clear and cloudless sky days. All the anglers interested can visit this place in the months of March and October.

Fishing – Jibhi

Paragliding in Tirthan valley :

If you want to witness the bird’s eye view of the beautiful Tirthan valley then paragliding is your call. To do so You have to reach targali which is merely 5 km from Banjar and around 17 km away from the Tirthan valley. You can travel to this place via public or private transport as well. 


* Raghupur fort:

Made by the Mandi Rural, It is another hidden gem Situated at an altitude of 3300 meters from sea level and is best known for its panoramic view of different peaks. Earlier it was used a shield to protect the people from invasions due to its strategic topology. One can easily see the ruins of ancient structures near the place.

The trek for the fort also starts from Jalori pass, it is a 3km upward hike. The trail is marked but there have been instances of travelers losing the trail. So we suggest anyone planning to go here must hire a guide or can tag along with some locals. The point is best for sunset and sunrise.

For sunrise either you should stay overnight in camps or start hiking by 4:00 AM.

Special Recommendation:

* Make sure you carry warm clothes as the wind flow is heavy and cold

* Carry water

* DO carry a torch (Not a mobile torch)

* Maintain peace

* Stay away from temples, and do not step on stones marking local deities.

Distance between Jalori pass to Rghupur fort - 3 Km

Total Time - 3-4 Hours

Trek difficulty - Easy to moderate during summer, Difficult during winter

 Places of Interest - The Blue Stream Cottage - Jibhi, Banjar Valley


* Lambri Top:

Lambri Top Trekking and Camping | Himachal Pradesh

Lambri top is the highest point of Tirthan valley situated at an altitude of 3600 meters and is a 4-days long trek. The level of the trek is moderate and one can get to witness the View of the Himalayan ranges, huge meadows, and also the state bird of Himachal which is the Western Tragopan can be caught by your eye while you are on this trek. The trek will take you to the largest meadow in the whole valley which is also a place for many deities of the Tirthan valley.

The journey goes on like this :

* Day 1 - Jalori Pass to Saryolsar lake will be a leisurely walk in between the oak trees and pine trees where the camping will be done near the lake.

* Day 2 - Saryolsar lake to Nuchi top. The next morning start your hike to the nuchi top from serolsar lake and then you reach the meadows of nuchi too after walking for a while on the way to Lambri where you are gonna spend the night under the starry skies.

* Day 3 - On the 3 rd day you can start in the morning towards the Lambri top and within a few hours you would get to witness the largest meadows near to jibhi or Tirthan valley and from there you come down to Sarthi a small hamlet. 

* Day 4 - Return to Jibhi 

Total Time: 3-5 Days depending upon speed and stops

Trek Difficulty - Easy to moderate

Special Recommendation:

* Do prefer to take a guide with you because the trek is not marked and there are chances you might get lost in the woods.

* Do carry proper camping gear and enough food for the trek as there are no camps and shops after Serolsar  lake


* Shringa Rishi Temple and Chaini Fort:   

Shringa Rishi Temple - History, Timings, Accommodations, Puja       Chehni Kothi / Traditional Fort, Kullu - Timings, Accessibility, Best time  to visit

Shringa Rishi also known as the supreme deity of Kalyuga, is also mentioned in Ramayana as a lead priest in "Putra Prapti Yagna" who resides in Baghi village which is 4km drive away from Jibhi, there is a link road that connects Jibhi to Baghi village.

To reach the temple you have to walk up into stairs which will lead you to Shringa Rishi Temple. From there if you walk for another 2.5km upwards It will lead you to Chaini fort. Chaini fort is the highest western Himalayan tower made in "Kath- Kuni" style architecture standing tall above 50 meters from the ground. It is said that during the 1906 earthquake it lost 5 floors. Though villagers recovered it but were unable to restore it at its full height. It is said that it was treated as a watch tower to look after Tirthan valley and on the top floor, there is a temple of Jogni (Goddess).

Special Recommendation:

* Do not enter the main griha of the temple without permission from the priest

* Do not make fun of customs 

* Do not pluck apples or flowers from plants on the trek

* Do not throw garbage on the trek

Total time - 3-4 Hr.

Difficulty level - Easy

* Balu Nag Temple 

File:Balu Naag Temple 2.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Balu Nag temple is located near Bahu village. Bahu is a small village at a distance of 8.4 km from Jibhi zero point and can be accessed through a state highway. It is also one of the sweet spots around Jibhi that one can visit to explore the hidden wonders of the trans-Himalayas. From Bahu village, there is a small hike toward Balu Nag temple. Balu Nag is one of the eighteen Naga deities. It is an easy hike of 20-25 minutes. One can easily complete it with a very less experience in hiking.

Trek difficulty - Easy

Total time- 1hr

Jibhi to Bahu distance - 8.4Km


Choi Waterfall

The Jungle Book Adventure at Chhoie Waterfall | | The Safari Life

Choi waterfall has the highest fall amongst all the waterfalls in the valley. The hike to this beautiful waterfall starts from Gaidhar a small hamlet at a distance of 3 km from Gushaini village. It is a 45-minute upward-marked hike. The water falls from a height of approximately 40 meters and the water gushing through the stones provides everyone with a sight to behold forever. 

The sun's rays directly falling on the water casts multiple shadows and sometimes if you are lucky enough you can also enjoy the formation of a beautiful rainbow made over the waterfall. The fall is at full force during the monsoons and it is recommended not to enter inside the waterfall during that time of the year. 

Distance - 3km (To and fro)

Total time - 90 Minutes

Trek difficulty - Easy

Start Point - Gaidhar


Hippo waterfall 

Great Himalayan National Park: A Hike to Hippo Waterfall and the Park's  Gate – wayward wayfarer

Hippo waterfall is also one of the marvels of tirthan valley at the gate of GNHP (great Himalayan national park) the name comes from the stone which is shaped like a hippo in the center of the waterfall.  The starting point of the trek is Rolla village.

Distance - 6Km (to and fro)

Total time - 5Hr

Trek Difficulty - Easy


Must go places around Jibhi -

Jibhi Waterfall- If you are a water baby then this is for you for sure. The place can be reached via a vehicle and then with a 100 meters walk on a beautiful path constructed with Japanese-style small bridges in it. For entry, the forest department has placed an entry ticket of Rs 20. The best time to visit this waterfall is from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.

Jibhi Travel Blog: All You Need To Know Before Planning A Trip


Shesh Nag Temple -  It is also a temple of another deity of the village people just like that of shringa rishi temple. The temple is at a distance of a few meters from jibhi market and is situated in between a beautiful lush green meadow. It is one of the naga deities to whom the temple has been dedicated. The temple is constructed in the traditional Kathkuni style and is believed to be 500 years old.

Himachal Pradesh: Jibhi - Shringa Rishi Temple and Shesh Nag Maharaj Temple  - Global Footprint


Mini Thailand - Also known as kuli kathandi by locals 200 meters away from forest resthouse road. The place is known for its iconic stone formation in a cave shape.

Mini Thailand- A hidden Gem in Jibhi - Tripoto


Jalori Pass  - A low-lying pass situated at a distance of 12 km from jibhi at an altitude of 3120 meters or 10,236 feet on the way to this picturesque place you see the treeline fading slowly and steadily. From the top, on clear days, you can also get to witness the Himalayan ranges covered in snow .with a fine view of the Dhauladhar Ranges.

When you reach the top you can also fill up your tummies with the locally cooked food at the dhabas and purchase the local chocolates made in Himachal from those shops. You can also witness the oak and the rhododendron ( state flower of Himachal) trees near the pass.

You can reach this place via a bus, hire a taxi or come in your own private vehicle, whatever suits you the best.

At popular Himachal destination of Jalori Pass, parking lot, toilets on  cards

Hidab temple- This place is considered to be the native place of the Hadimba Mata situated in Manali of Himachal Pradesh. It is believed that Bheem took a stone from Hidab to Manali to make a shelter for Hadimba Mata. You can also visit Sajwad village from here.



Cafes around Jibhi-

* Neti - Neti Cafe- This cafe is one of the most iconic cafes especially for its mind-blowing sunsets and continental food plus it is located in the main market only which makes it to be a hustle-free finding. One must try Thai curry, Pizza, and crispy corn. They also serve fresh soups to comfort the cold weather in town.

* Old School Cafe- This cafe is located just next to the river which gives you the best vacation vibes and serves several dishes prepared out of trout fish, Apart from this one can also try Nachos and Salsa here.

* No Society cafe - This cafe is located only 4kms away from the town. As the name says, you won’t find any crowd near this place, it is secluded from most of the places in jibhi and gives you a view of the beautiful  Jalori pass and the Dhauladhar  Range. Its wooden interior is actually going to give you a vibe and an experience of a pure Himalayan house where you can enjoy good Indian as well as continental food. Rodo- Dodo, and cheese balls are must-try item if you plan to visit the no-society cafe. 

* Pink Panther Jibhi - If you ever plan to visit Pink Panther don’t forget to try its Bakery Products, you will fall in love with them and the ambiance is just too cozy for a Cold day .  

* Ghar 1964- This place is situated in Sojha which is 7 km from Jibhi. It offers you a cozy space and a fantastic view of Raghupur fort.

* Firgun Cafe - You can visit this place during the Golden hour. They have an open and amazing view of the valley from their terrace and one can enjoy the great sunset with a hot cup of coffee.


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